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Introduction to Succesful Idea

Create a blog about something you love and post as often as you can.

That’s what a friend said to me. So, as I love myself so much, this blog is going to be entirely about me.

Just kidding.

First, I want to welcome you to Succesful Idea. I’m Aaron Bolton and in this blog you will find the tools and tips I’ve found along the way to achieve success in every single thing you can in life. I’ll do my best to teach you how to improve the things I think are most important in life:

  1. Health
  2. Mindset
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Relations
  5. Business

Now, I will let you know how I want to work with this blog.

At first, I wanted to be free to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about, what goes through my thoughts, feelings. My situation at the moment, how I want to improve it, projects I’m working on or I’m looking forward to work on and share really valuable information about many topics I’m interested in.

I first created a blog named “Venezuelan’s Chronicles” where I wanted to talk about the stuff I said above but after I finished the first post, I realized a few things:

  1. If the blog has “Venezuela” in it’s name, people will expect to read here stuff about my country, which I don’t want to.
  2. What I really want to do is not only for myself, it’s for the world. I want to improve the world and leave it better than I found it.

What I want is to help people improve their lives. I want to enrich everyone with valuable information I’ve found through the years.

So, I started to wonder what would be the perfect name for my first blog. I finally came to the idea that the idea of having a blog is a succesful idea so I named it Successful Idea.

I created this blog not only because I wanted to express myself and my opinions about some stuff because it’s easy to do so, I have friends whom I can share my thoughts to and help. But that’s simply not reliable for me. I want to help people and just talking is a limit for my goal.

Sometimes I feel like what I think or what I learned should be reached by far more people than I can talk to. I’ve felt like: “Damn, this I’m sharing now is great, I wish more people could listen to what I’m saying”. I felt like I needed a system where I can let people know what my opinion is, what my thoughts are and what I’ve learned without having to repeat myself over and over and over.

When my friend suggested me to create a blog, I felt enlightened. I don’t even know how I couldn’t think of it before. Writing is how people have left their legacy, their words to last over time. Scientists, religious, magicians, everyone has done it before. Writing is the way to last forever.

In summary, this blog will be about success and sometimes, my thoughts.

I really don’t know what to expect, I don’t know how many persons will read my words and be interested in what I say but anyway I want you to know that I will be as transparent as I can. I will just write what I think, what I really want to write. Something really important to point is that I like to manage my thoughts around facts and not around feelings.

It’s good to point out that you have to be transparent with yourself. What do I mean by this?

I mean that you must be able to look at yourself from outside and be sincere. To look, study what you’re doing and thinking and why you’re doing it. To decide, what your behavior will be. That way, you’ll not let the fate you’ve had determine who you are. You must decide who you want to be.

This is really important. I have the firm belief that it doesn’t matter where you are now, what matters is where you want to be tomorrow and what are you doing TODAY to be there. That says more from you than anything else. If you’re acting like shit, just face it. If you’re bad about making new friends, face it. Bad meeting girls? Face it. You are bad talking in public? Face it.

Face every single bad thing you have. Know what you’re bad at because that way, you will know what you have to work on.

Be sincere with you and that way you’ll improve each bad thing you have. I will talk to you more about this later in this blog.

One of the things I love is psychology. I love looking inside people’s brains, including mine, of course. And having a blog where I just let the words flow will help me study myself more, knowing what I want and what I should improve. Also, will allow me to share valuable information that if I had before, my life would have been easier.

Also, this incites me to learn more about what I’m talking about, so I can interiorize better and be more accurate.

I will help you to get the mindset you should have to achieve success in life. Because success is just a mindset, not a gift. It’s something you can work on, it’s something you can make yours. Every single one of us can achieve great things, climb huge mountains with just the right mindset.

If you are reading this, means you’ve read all my post and I thank you for it. I hope we have fun in this journey. I will give my best, use all my knowledge in every post I create to make it great for you to read. I want to improve the life of everyone I have around, including you, my reader. Because the mission of each one of us is to leave the world better than we found it.

Maybe not much people in the world will read my words, but at least, you are now and I’m happy you do.

See you next time!

Best regards,


PD: English is not my native language, as you might already noticed.

Any suggestions are welcome in the comments section below!



I'm a passionated writer who gives his best to improve his life and yours.

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