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The Mental Diet

There is a subject I think it’s really important to boost your productivity.

Information Diet

The first time I read about it, it was in the book 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris and then I interested in the subject.

Information Diet consists in understanding that knowledge occupies place. Our memory is not infinite.

I know it’s hard to believe when our entire life we’ve heard “Knowledge occupies no place”. That was invented by the grandfather of your grandfather of your grandfather of… You get me, right?

When that phrase was created, it was because:

  1. It was nearly impossible to fill your brain with the information that could get to your hands.
  2. Everytime someone took the effort of transcripting a manuscript, it was because it met quality requeriments.

In a time where the information was a limited good, in a time where infinite amount of content couldn’t be reached from the palm of our hand.

Every hour we produce more information than our brain will ever be able to assimilate. Without saying that don’t even meet some quality requeriments.

Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003

This was said by Eric Schmidt in 2010, when he was CEO in Google.

Now, imagine how much information is right now available for us. This rythm keeps growing, at the time you’re reading these words the amount of information created will be much higher.

Our gray matter has limited capacity.

According to Ray Kurzweii and other experts, around the 20 years people usually have filled their brains.

Which means that if we already met that age, we cannot add new information. From that moment and on, we simply replace a knowledge by another.

When you’ve passed certain age, what’s important is the quality and not the quantity of information.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to check how you occupy your memory.

Do you intoxicate your mind with poor content?

Understand that if you want to be exceptional, you can’t do what people usually do. Because sadly, frequently what people usually do is mediocre. Work on things until they’re “good enough”, have a suboptimal attitude, to live under their true potential.

Sometimes, poor content disguises in stimulating content. Something pleasant to watch but that doesn’t make any difference, doesn’t help you move towards your goals. Content that takes you out of track of what is important.

Do you spend most of your free time watching TV Shows?  Browsing for hours in Facebook Twitter, Instagram… I’ve seen a lot of those people.

You can say: “It means nothing!” but it really does.

Tell me if this have happened to you:

You look at social networks in your free days. Or surf in internet. When you realize, several hours have passed.

You feel empty, without north.

And worst, listless.

Do you know why?

Because information excess produces apathy. According to the doctor Read Mercer Schuchardt, too much decontextualized information makes us more indifferent to everything. The reason is that it’s impossible to stay sane and at the same time, to care about many things we’re constantly receiving.

Begin to conceive your brain as that stone from which you extract the best sculpture.

How? Removing the rest.

Everytime you learn something irrelevant, you’re stopping learning something that could change your life. You’re spending an opportunity cost, wasting your energy.

Not could only change your life, what if you are one of those who make the world a better place? What if you are the one who is going to find the cure for a disease like cancer or AIDS?

Stop adding and begin to take away. Stop making it harder. Make it more simple.

We want to be outstanding and what we’re going to do is to fill our brains with content that helps us move towards our goals.

That way, it’ll be easier to find what we want to do, the way we want to do it. To think more ways to achieve our goals, to be more creative and do it better.

You will not see instant effects, but you have to view it as… our bodies.

Let’s think about food. If you keep having unhealthy meals every time like, hamburguer or pizza with a coke, when are we going to leave room for healthy food?

Let’s suppose we start eating healthy. At first, we won’t feel like a great difference in our body because we are already damaged. But, after a while eating healthy, you’ll find out you have more energy. Feel with more power, your brain working better, no more pains in the back, lots of gases, laziness.

The question you must ask yourself is:

Where will this take me if I keep doing it for the next 2, 5 or 10 years?

That question is essential. Before doing anything, think what is it giving to you. Will it really make a difference? Will I be a greater musician, writer, painter or whatever I want to be?

Spend your time, money and energy wisely and you will achieve everything you want sooner or later.

Everytime you accept a lie, you’re quitting a truth.

The time you use in social networks. Or the hour you spend at the bar complaining about the government. The horrible news that make you realize that world is worst everyday.

That wastes your time. Wastes your energy.

We’ve been programmed to think that there are “neutral things”. Things that aren’t neither good nor bad. But…

Something neutral? Look for it in your imagination because in real life:

Everything counts.

Every thing is a step that takes you closer or farther to your goal.

Sometimes, you’re drowsy and instead of accepting you’re tired and going to sleep, you start to surf in the internet with no end. Find pseudo tasks in your house that won’t make any difference. Or keep a conversation that is going nowhere with someone who neither seems to be going somewhere.

That kind of stuff takes you to a sort of land with no end. A place where you do neither something productive nor something that fulfills or amuses you.

So, remember to ask yourself:

What I’m doing right now, takes me closer or farther to my goal?

Farewell, champion.


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